My name is Olina (she/her) and I'm a full-stack developer currently living in London.

Originally from Greece, I moved to New York in 2014 to pursue my undergrad at New York University. In May 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in Dramatic Literature. In August 2018, I started working for Publicis Sapient. There, I am a primarily back-end engineer using Java technologies, but my one true love will always be JavaScript 💖.

I want to build things that make people happy. Or at least go "wow, that's cool."

Some things I like:


Passion projects I've worked on in my spare time. I tend to be interested in building data-driven apps with an intersocial purpose. Also I love trackers and making lists.


smoodify is a music streaming application that dynamically understands the user's mood and queues up music based on it. It relies on lyrical and music analysis to cross-reference songs against the user's mood and aims to know what the user is feeling with every skip or listen. The music changes concurrently with the user’s mood as the service matches songs the user already knows and loves with how they are currently feeling. Feeling down? Let's queue up those sad tunes. Feeling better? smoodify detects this shift based on the songs you skip and recalibrates.

Technologies used: JavaScript, MEAN stack, Mongoose, Embedded JavaScript templates, HTML/CSS, passport.js, Spotify SDK, Spotify API, Gracenote API, sentiment API.

Currently in development.


You're vegan. Your best friend has celliac disease and she just started dating a guy who keeps kosher. How are y'all supposed to ever decide on a restaurant to get dinner? That's where Dinr comes in.

Dinr is the millennial response to your friends' increasing dietary restrictions. It is a web app that allows users to look for personalized restaurant recommendations based on their (and their friends'!) dietary restrcitions. Once you create a profile and add all your restrictions, you can add your friends and create events. Then, based on the collective restrictions of the members participating in the event, Dinr will give you restaurant recommendations. So you don't starve to death while endlessly Yelping places.

Technologies used: JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Handlebars, HTML/CSS, passport.js, Yelp Fusion API

Built in Fall 2017.


I built this chatroom web app using socket.io to experiment with networked applications. When a user navigates to the chatroom, he can select a username provided no other user is logged into the chatroom with that username. Then, he enters the room and can start sending messages to other connected users. Messages sent before a user logged in cannot be viewed by that user.

Technologies used: JavaScript, Node.js, socket.io, Express.js, HTML/CSS

Built in Fall 2017.


Built a scraper and API server for IMDb's "Most Popular Movies" and "Most Popular TV" pages. The scraper remotely populate a database and the server retrieves them from the database.

Technologies used: JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, HTML, Handlebars, cheerio

Built in Fall 2017.


A user vs. computer, single-hand Blackjack. You can choose the first few hands in the initial page or just play by clicking the "play!" button.

Technologies used: JavaScript

Built in Fall 2017.


QuizzFeed is the first web application that I ever developed! Using the Scrapy module, it scrapes BuzzFeed's quizzes section and stores quizzes into a PostgreSQL database. The generator view allows users to click on a button and get a link to a random quiz from the database.

I am planning on adding a search feature to the application which will allow users to look for quizzes based on a seed - something which BuzzFeed lacks and which was what gave me the idea for the app originally.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Scrapy, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS

Built in Summer 2017.


"you are so confusing Olina why are we friends"

- Anna

"go away"

- Georgia


- also Georgia

"the queen of awkward random encounter"

- Alyssa


You can email me at olina.stath@nyu.edu or find me on the interwebs through my social links below: